Our Difference

We’re not a typical VC. We don’t just write cheques and then drop-in quarterly for a performance review. Our interest is in working with you to get you as big as we can as fast as we can. What we offer: 


Sales & Marketing

Its not about the technology anymore. Todays moat is customer acquisition and  retention done at a rapid pace. Once you know you have something you have to sprint. We can help you grow quickly. 


The best companies have a vision as to where they are headed, a performance management system to help get there and a well defined set of core values because culture kills. We know how to build companies becasue we have . 


where you are now is not likely where you’ll stay. We’ll be there to help with planning the major shift and refinements in your corporate development.



Our network is your network. We have vast connections to best-in-class vendors , sales prospects and team members.