We want to help

We’re not a typical VC. We don’t just write cheques and then drop-in quarterly for a performance review. Our interest is in working with you to get you as big as we can as fast as we can. What we offer: 

  • Strategy – where you are now is not likely where you’ll stay. We’ll be there to help with planning the major shift and refinements in your corporate development.
  • Marketing & Sales – we recognize that not every company is a marketing & sales machine. We have top-notch marketing and sales expertise to help you become one.
  • Network – our network is your network. We have vast connections to best-in-class vendors and sales prospects. 
  • Recruitment – it’s likely you’ll need to expand your team and shepherd your culture. Getting this right is one of the toughest challenges. We can help.
  • Operations – as the company grows, so too will its need to become more infrastructurally solid. We have deep expertise with financial, legal and systems evolution.
  • Follow-on Funding – it’s entirely possible that another round of investment could be required. We’re in a position to provide follow-on capital or develop and lead syndicates.

Founder’s Board

We have assembled an exceptional Founder’s Board. This isn’t a ceremonial grab-bag of our friends. This is a collection of done-it-before experts who have all written a cheque to be part of our fund. They will be available to provide perspective on your growth plan, executional development and to make introductions to their networks. We think they can be difference makers in transforming our portfolio companies from moderate successes to blockbusters.

Carol Leaman

CEO of Postrank sold to Google. CEO of RSS Solutions sold to Visiprise. CEO of Axonify


Nick Koudas

Founder of Sysomos, sold to Marketwire. Co-Founder of Aislelabs

Nilesh Bansal

Founder, Sysomos, sold to Marketwire. Co-Founder & CTO of Aislelabs

erez pikar

CEO, CDI Computer Dealers Inc.

David Ceolin

Founder of Digital Cement, sold to Pitney Bowes. Founder of Innovation Grade Ventures 

Scott Lake

Co-Founder of Shopify,  NASDAQ. Founder of Source Metrics

Chris Barnard

Co-Founder & Director of Points.com IPO on TSX

evan hu

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, OmniLogic, acquired by PriceWaterHouseCoopers. Founder, Knelf. Partner, Alavetta Limited

Nicholas Paine

General Partner at Henley Investments. Property and PE investment entrepreneur. Co-Founder of Lavalife


Mike Alkier

Co-Founder of OmniLogic, sold to PwC. Co-Founder of Ideaca sold to Hitachi

bob simmonds

Founder of Clearnet Communications, sold to Telus for $6.6 billion. Chairman of Lenbrook Corporation. Chairman of Mobile & Personal Communications Committee of the RABC.

Paul Atkinson

Chair and CEO of Casero Inc. sold to Radialpoint SafeCare. Managing Director of Southwest Sun Inc.

MiCHEL Vulpe

Founder of i4i. $300 million US Supreme Court judgement

Paul Chen

Founder of FloNetwork, sold to DoubleClick for $80 million. Founder of Fortiva exited to ProofPoint

Dr. Ted Urbancic

A Founder of ESG Solutions. Current CTO. Sold in 2014


George Staikos

Founder of Torch Mobile, sold to BlackBerry. Founder & CEO of Topology

Grant Hood

Founder & CEO of First Media Group

Peter Beck

Chef by profession, entrepreneur by occupation, President of Ralota Technologies

Glen Keleher

Principal at Keleher Investment Corp.Serial Entrepreneur with multiple exits in the Automotive, Robotics and tech sectors



Chiko Nanji

Metro Supply Chain of Companies


Michael Drever

Founder, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers