Round 13

Investment Criteria


We are open to technology businesses in any industry vertical that meet the following criteria:

  • Headquartered in Canada

  • Proven demand or early revenue

  • Established customer base


What we look for


We work very closely with a small number of businesses – as a result cultural fit is very important. We are looking for:

  • Passionate, committed, and hard-working entrepreneurs

  • Partnership focused leaders

  • Open-minded, merit-based culture


How we help


We are different than a typical Venture Capital fund. We are more than just capital, we are a thought partner for management with deep experience in building businesses. We can help in many ways, including the following:

  • Strategic planning

  • Financial reporting and analysis

  • Sales and marketing

  • Human resources, recruiting and employee compensation

  • Full access to our network of executives, consultants, and board members

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“Round13 has been instrumental in our growth, working with me on everything from strategy to job specs.”

Kevin Gervais, CEO & Co-Founder Statflo

“My experience with the team at Round 13 has, by far, been the most positive of my career.  Beyond investing capital, they have contributed to our strategic planning process, helped us define the key metrics we will use to drive the business, made meaningful introductions to potential customers and have also introduced some talented individuals that have joined our team.  Round13 is on my speed dial and are always extremely responsive. The team lives up to its promise as a differentiated and value-add investor.”
-  Steve Taylor, CEO Bluerush

“Bruce has provided valuable guidance and insight to Hubdoc during the past 18 months of rapid growth”
Jamie MacDonald, Co-Founder and Co-CEO Hubdoc